Yes, Julia is STILL at the shelter. We were making plans to spring her and get her to the doctor – stat – after having spoken to the very cool new Julia-fan, Isabel, but then this: Julia has a microchip. Instead of following up on this right away, this crucial task got lost in the enormity of the shelter’s ‘to-do’ list, and so, being done now.
I had a speak with the shelter saying it was not her fault that she has a chip from someone that more than likely contributed to her present state, and that she should not be held back because of this person(s)…and I was told that there was a ‘legal obligation’ to ‘see if her people are looking for her.’ Really? Is there also a legal obligation to prosecute their asses?

After considering options, we decided to call upon something called the Good Samaritan policy. Under this, we can go pick her up and take her for much needed medical attention, and then we have to return her to the shelter for the remainder of her hold. During this time, and despite the shape she is in, ‘whoever’ once was responsible for her, can come back from her tormented past and claim her. Doctor-care, and personal welfare be damned.
For us it is worth the risk. We do not think she can wait any longer to be seen.
So that is exactly what we did on Tuesday.

This sweet kid loved the attention and makes fans wherever she goes. Everyone sees right past her current shape, and focuses on her kindness and charm. She has gained some much needed weight while being at the shelter.
Today was about looking for obvious signs of her ailments. They gave her a treatment/medication that will last a week.
Once the ‘hold’ is over, Julia will go back to Montrose Pet Hospital, for her surgery.
It will be a big day for her. Beyond all the masses on her body that need removing and biopsying, and scrapings to determine why her skin is cracked and bleeding, Julia will have a broken and infected tooth removed, be spayed, get X-Rays to look deeper inside and find the source of her head-tilt, and whatever else Dr. Mitchell and Ben see necessary.
Look, if someone steps forward to claim her, we will push for them to be held accountable. As we see it, though still in the system, Julia is a Mutt Scout, and will be cared for as such, and reside with her awesome new foster and friend, Isabel.
Thank you for your outpouring of concern, and  the donations sent.
Every one of your hard earned dollars will go toward her medical, and subsequent care.
We are – all of us – excited to get the healing started. Leading up that cheering section, is the little lady herself.
Let’s hear it for Julia.

Got a call.
We get a lot of those…each one as important as the next.
Another discarded dog.
This time left behind at an abandoned house.
Showing up, just before animal services arrives…a chance to meet the girl in question.
Just when I think my heart cannot be smashed into any more dumb, fragmented pieces.
This face.

All eager, and grateful for the company.
A hostess…abused, and left to fend for herself.


Her desire for human contact is so strong, despite what led her here.
There is only gentility and kindness here, but something off, physically.
Several somethings.
Her face has a contusion.

Was she hit, kicked? The right side is swollen, and tilted….and still smiling.
She is bones…and thankful for the food brought along.
Her body is ravaged, there is nothing but filth, and growths…fleas, and wagging in appreciation.
It’s as if she wishes to show me around…trying to piece a story together to tell.

How are we – any of us humans – capable of this?

Now at the shelter:
There is no time for the immediately-less-than-pretty.
Another call.
The shelter is full up again after this weekend.
This kid, now ‘Julia,’ needs a break.
A place to stay while she gets real medical attention, and healing.
The shelter likely got her mix right, but they aged her incorrectly.
She is about three…her body has been pillaged, and appears older.

That you can see innocence in the eye – still – after all that should have never happened….is just devastating.

That she should die at the shelter, after the brutality already endured,
would be a bigger crime than the shape she was left in.

Julia needs your immediate help.

She is at North Central Shelter…Animal ID # A1293931


We have started a Chipn to help with her rescue!!


Kind thanks.


Hip hip hooray for Nova!

We saw this girl online a few months ago and couldn’t help but fall in love. Just one problem: we weren’t sure if we could find a foster for a large Shepherd…

Cut to: Us arriving at the shelter where we were told to go to the small dog area to see this beauty. Confused and certain they had given us the wrong info, we made our way to the small dog section and couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw her! This girl is perfectly proportioned but weighs in at only 28 pounds. She’s the perfect little miniature Shepherd. Voila! Problem solved!

She was quite scared, understandably, from her time in the shelter but after some love and care she came out of her shell… And, as the story goes, her foster Dad very quickly fell in love. He couldn’t bear the thought of parting with her so as of today, Nova is officially his!

Thank you so much to her new Dad Chad for being an awesome foster parent and now adoptive parent! I’d say Nova is a pretty happy camper too – just check out her smile above and then check out her new tricks below 🙂

   We picked up the happy dancer from the vet the other day, and took her to meet her new foster mom.
First some more good news: It appears that the problem with Penny’s eye, is a temporary issue.
Dr. Mitchell believes Penny’s eye was somehow scratched; it is now being medicated daily.
We will check back with the Dr. in a week.
When told of this encouraging news, we asked Penny for a smile….and this is what she offered.

The meeting with foster mom Michele – and wee foster brother Odie – was awesome.
Michele is brilliant, savvy, and a nurturer…and Odie – at first uncertain of this new ‘giant’ – warmed up quickly to all-loving Penny.

Post holiday, we received a note from Michele on Penny’s Day of Thanks:

“Thanksgiving day was a blast. It was my small family and FIVE DOGS! It was awesome and everyone got along famously!! We took lots of pics which I will
post very soon. Each pup had their own plate of turkey and ham to “gobble” up. Penny was in heaven. After her supper, she sprawled out on the shaggy living room
rug and took a “tryptophan” induced nap. ..
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Just so excited to have Penny in my home : )”

…You’ll Have Good Luck.
And so many days of it, sweet Penny.

More soon.
Thank you all for your outpouring of well-wishes for Penny.
She loves getting them…we pass ’em along in affection.

Please meet our charming new Scout – Penny.
As you might know, nearly 13 year old Penny was dumped at the shelter by an unrepentant woman,
who was crudely ‘teaching the kids a lesson.’
When sweet Penny went in for affection, said cold woman was reported to have brushed her aside, annoyed.
Okay. Moving quickly on. Quickly…

Penny was sprung from the joint, and joined our ranks, on Tuesday, the 22nd.
Her favorite human there, Andrew, was on hand to send her off to her new story.

Upon exiting, she skipped right to her vehicle waiting.
First stop: The Spa.
We went to go visit Karen at Eco Dog Wash and Day Care, on Pico.

If you do not know Karen – or her amazing facility – please make it a priority.
Karen would not hear of us paying for Penny’s ‘freedom wash.’

Smelling like an herbal oasis, we next cut through town, and headed to Penny’s vet appointment.
So polite as a passenger, aside from many stares over at her driver, and a couple lean-ins for some affection, she sat
in her seat and harness, like a straight A student.
Only once did she stir.
Driving up Vermont, and stopped at a light,
looming large outside the window was a near 8′ x 8′ poster of Tom Cruise’s latest Mission Impossible installment.

Penny did not favor Ethan Hunt’s hooded self, and gave him two single, don’t-tell-her-but-hilarious, old lady barks.
And we were off.

Penny went to see the awesome folks at Montrose Pet Hospital, where
she is getting a full work-up and exam.
Such the gold star student, Penny sat right in front of me
and faced the door waiting for the compassionate Dr. Mitchell to enter.
Those brilliant ears in flight.

Today on her calendar:
Penny will be meeting her skilled and sweet foster parent, Michele.

Thank you to all of you that were – and are – rooting for her.
She has been heartbroken, sitting in the shelter, uncertain
as to what happened…or why.

The old gal was far from a worthless, pitched Penny….
She is a gem, and her happiness…worth millions.



One Sent…

In honor of ‘Adopt a Senior Pet Month’ we present: Senior Gal: Penny.

Penny was literally dumped at the shelter as a punishment. The woman, complete with auto coolant running through her veins,
told the shelter that her kids ‘stopped taking care of the dog,’ so she discarded ‘the dog’ there.
When Penny went in for a goodbye lick when the woman handed her over, the lady pushed her away and scoffed.
Not really sure who this ‘special citizen’ was trying to punish, but only one kid is truly suffering.

Penny is sweet, kind, thrilled for attention, and gentle with all she met…AND she is need of a foster.
Do not assume that this almost 13 year old is ready for retirement, just yet.
She still has some dance left…true, it might be less hip-hop, and more waltz…
but she has a spirit, a engaging and charming soul, and she would like to continue living.

We wish to honor that.
We will take her on: food, medical, all….
we just need one willing to share a roof, while we search out her twilight dwelling.
Is that you? Can you help an older lady in need of a safe spot?

Here she was when we first saw her.  Just a number in a cage.  Her head was slumped so low it took me quite some time before she would raise her head a bit so I could take this photo.

We received an update from her mom today…

I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but we adopted our white miniature poodle mix from you about 2 years ago.  We named her Sophie.  (I can’t remember what her name was when she was with you.)  You rescued her from the Kern County Animal Control with a pit bull.  She was very timid, extremely skinny and quiet when we first got her and she had a slight skip to her step.  Sophie has changed our lives and we are so thankful to you and The Mutt Scouts for allowing us to have her in our lives.  She is now a perfect weight, spunky, loving and her favorite activity is chasing her brother Simon around the house.  I wanted to send you some pictures of what Sophie looks like now.  Thank you again for all that you did for her.  She is so loved by us and Simon.  We are so so happy to have her in our lives.
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